“And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” - 1 Peter 5:4
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What Jesus Said About Happiness Part 2

What Jesus Said About Happiness Part 2 happiness 1

Last month we began a series on happiness with a special approach. We’re looking at the sermon on the mount, and specifically the beatitudes. The beatitudes are several statements Jesus made in which He clearly defines what true happiness looks like. In most translations of the Bible, each beatitude begins with the word “blessed.” That word, … Read moreWhat Jesus Said About Happiness Part 2

Your Grief is Unique

Your Grief is Unique Grief 2

Griefing is a part of life. One of the primary tenets of hospice care is to value death as a natural part of life. In the same way that we acknowledge the beginning of life, we acknowledge and respect its end. And a part of that acknowledgment is grief. Everyone experiences grief, just as everyone … Read moreYour Grief is Unique

Four Tips For Coping With Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One

Four Tips For Coping With Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One coping with holidays 3

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, or know you will soon, the holidays can be a very difficult time, especially family-centric holidays like Christmas. The empty chair, the lonely bed, and the quiet moments are very real things, and the holiday season can seem to magnify them. These are times we have always spent … Read moreFour Tips For Coping With Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One

8 Goals for Childhood Grief

8 Goals for Childhood Grief  4

“Children are so resilient!” It’s a common saying, and it’s true in many ways. Children often seem to recover from difficult situations much more quickly than adults. However, the ability of children to “seem” normal may cause us to forget that they too, need to process grief after the loss of a loved one. Research … Read more8 Goals for Childhood Grief

Dealing with a Public Tragedy

Dealing with a Public Tragedy public 5

One of the most devastating intrusions in our lives today is an unexpected national or global disaster. Whether caused by nature or people, these uninvited and unexpected crises leave innocent people emotionally overwhelmed or physically handicapped. Traumatic events outside of our “normal” fears and expectations can create a sense of incredible vulnerability and helplessness. Normal … Read moreDealing with a Public Tragedy

Symptoms, Not Stages, of Grief

Symptoms, Not Stages, of Grief Grief 6

Grief is a normal and natural response when we suffer a loss. While everyone will experience a loss at some point, the symptoms of grief are often misunderstood – both by the people going through it and the people around them. By raising grief awareness, individuals in mourning can better understand their own reactions and … Read moreSymptoms, Not Stages, of Grief

Tips for Writing an Obituary

Tips for Writing an Obituary obituary 8

Writing an obituary for a friend or loved one is not an easy task. An obituary serves a variety of purposes. It’s a notification of someone’s passing, a description of their life, a recounting of the extended family and special friends who the loved one touched, an informational notice about an upcoming funeral. It can … Read moreTips for Writing an Obituary

Telling a Loved One About Your Terminal Illness

Telling a Loved One About Your Terminal Illness terminal illness 10

One of the most difficult things one could ever have to do is share their terminal diagnosis with a loved one. Learning that a loved one is dying is difficult for those of all ages. Here are a few simple “do’s” and “don’ts” in communicating this unfortunate reality. Following these few suggestions could help make … Read moreTelling a Loved One About Your Terminal Illness

5 Springtime Events for Seniors

hospice meaning Victoria Texas

There’s just something so uplifting about spring. Spring does wonders for the soul, whether it’s the birds tweeting, the beautiful flowers or the bright sunshine. Springtime is a favorite time of year for many since we have spent the winter being in the house. There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air and feeling the warmth … Read more5 Springtime Events for Seniors

We Want You!  Volunteers needed

what is a hospice

Crown Hospice is an organization that survives on the dreams, ambitions, and sacrificial time of many volunteers. Hospice volunteers provide companionship to people living with a serious illness and help their family caregivers in a variety of ways. Furthermore, we rely on volunteers to help with office work, fund raising, community outreach and other operating … Read moreWe Want You!  Volunteers needed