“And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” - 1 Peter 5:4

Disproving Hospice Myths

Hospice provides a team of healthcare professionals to support terminally ill patients. The team both aids in the efforts of family caregivers and provide essential services. Yet, many families do not use hospice care or simply wait until it is too late. This is largely due to a number of common hospice myths and misconceptions. Here’s … Read moreDisproving Hospice Myths

Family Caregiver Tax Deductions

As the tax deadline looms, many family caregivers may be looking for last minute tax deductions to help ease their situations. For the layperson, tax law can be a very complex. That’s why it’s always best to consult a tax attorney or accountant who understands how the tax laws affect a person’s unique situation. The … Read moreFamily Caregiver Tax Deductions

There’s an App for That : End-of-Life Planning

End-of-life planning is one of the most gracious yet grueling things a family member can do for a loved one. On one hand, end-of life planning can be a time for connecting with your loved one: discussing things previously left unsaid, sharing stories about life experiences, and helping to ensure their final days are spent in both comfort … Read moreThere’s an App for That : End-of-Life Planning