“And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” - 1 Peter 5:4
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“Y quando el Gran Pastor aparezca, Usted recibirá la corona de gloria que nunca desaparederá.” - 1 Pedro 5:4

Hospice Care at Crown


If your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a prognosis of six months or less, it’s time to call hospice. Our hospice services focus on physical comfort, emotional care, and spiritual support.

At Crown, we encourage our patients and their loved ones to begin hospice care as soon as possible so that there is a plan and supports in place for end of life care. Starting the process is not giving up on your loved one and it does not hasten their passing. Instead, hospice care will enhance their quality of life and give you more quality time and opportunities for special moments together.

Meet Your Care Team


At Crown Hospice your loved one will be assigned a care team, upon admittance, who will be with them throughout their entire time with Crown. Every member of your care team is here to support you and your loved one wherever they call home. Home hospice wouldn’t be possible without them. From seeing to all of their medical and comfort needs to providing prayer and emotional support. Hospice patients will have a custom care plan to go along with their care team as well.

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Registered Nurses

Crown Hospice RNs are your care team leaders and so much more. Our palliative care nursing plan dictates that RNs will also visit your loved one two or more times per week. Keeping hospice care at home makes the individual being treated more comfortable than in a facility. This, in turn, makes it easier for our RNs to manage and maintain an optimal level of comfort for the patient while seeing to their other medical/physical needs.

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Each care team has two aides who are trained to provide personalized care and support for our hospice patients, which includes assisting in the completion of activities of daily living. Caregiver support also gives respite to primary caregivers who may need a break.

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Our hospice services include spiritual support, which is the cornerstone of what makes Crown Hospice of Victoria live and breathe caregiving. Patients, aides, and loved ones are absolutely encouraged to invite one of our chaplains to visit for prayer, comfort, or conversation.

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We’re always looking for compassionate individuals to help support our palliative care patients. Simple tasks like offering kindness, companionship, and doing errands for these individuals are a big part of this role. Consider joining a care team with Crown Hospice today!

Hospice Services


We have developed our hospice services to directly benefit our patients, their loved ones, and those who are responsible for their care. We offer the following services:

A registered hospice care nurse talks with a caregiver about palliative care options.

Nursing Services

Palliative care nursing at Crown Hospice means a lot more than becoming a certified end of life specialist. These Registered Nurses act as a mentor and leader for other care team members. This way, all care team members have a range of skills that bring insight to patient needs. Our nurses will travel anywhere to provide hospice care at home for our patients. Palliative care from RNs also comes in the form of our Pain Management program.

A hospice physician looks over a patient chart and speaks with a caregiver.

Physician Services

At Crown, we’re no stranger to executing coordinated care day in and day out. We’ve partnered with reputable physicians that regularly help us provide palliative care. Still, if your loved one would like to continue seeing their personal physician after entering into our care, we’ll do everything within our power to honor that request. If the patient’s physician agrees to keep them as a patient, Crown Hospice physicians will collaborate with them and create your loved one’s end of life care plan.

Younger hospice care patient wearing a headwrap sits on couch with caregiver.

Pain Management

Crown Hospice’s Pain Management services are customized to fit the needs of each patient and their respective comfort levels. Hospice care is palliative, so managing pain and improving comfort are crucial objectives in the hospice industry. This includes the Registered Nurses that control the Pain Management program at Crown. Palliative treatment enhances the quality of life of our patients, which is very important for all patients receiving end of life care. 

Hospice care nurse combs hair of an elderly patient in wheelchair in the bathroom.

Personal Care & Homemakers Services

Hospice care at home is comfortable for patients and we really value seeing our patients happy. Each care team has two people who are dedicated to performing personal care and homemaker services. Does your loved one need help with activities of daily living (ADLs)? Is the laundry ready to be folded or groceries ready for pickup? When it seems like completing domestic tasks just isn’t in the cards, Crown Hospice aides are here to help.

Friends and family sit together and hold hands around the table.

Spiritual Support

As a faith-based hospice care provider, Crown Hospice believes that spiritual support is just as important as physical care. Our team prays over our patients and their loved ones every week. Additionally, our Chaplains, Nurses, and volunteers are always here to pray over you and provide spiritual healing while on the job.

Spiritual care is optional. Regardless of what beliefs a patient and their loved ones have, we will honor their wishes to accept or deny spiritual support. The best kind of hospice is one that delivers exceptional end of life care to every single patient in the program no matter what. Welcome to Crown Hospice Victoria.

A hospice social worker smiles and reviews paperwork with a client during a conversation.

Grief Counseling & Social Services

We are proud to employ social workers who help gauge how patients, family members, and caregivers are coping. Our social workers know how to look for signs of depression, anxiety, and stress. Crown Hospice of Victoria social workers work closely with bereavement coordinators to ensure that emotional support is provided and prioritized.

Need More Information?


We want prospective hospice patients, their caregivers, and their family members to feel empowered as they make this important decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our hospice care services.