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What Is the Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care?

Female doctor explains healthcare options to mature female patient

If you or a family member has a serious illness, treatment decisions often focus on attempts to cure their condition. But what about other needs, like relieving pain and improving quality of life? What about other life challenges that often come with an unexpected health crisis? That’s where palliative care comes in. Unlike treatments designed … Read more

Palliative Care for Dementia Patients

Adult granddaughter kisses her grandmother who has dementia

Families find themselves coping with a great deal of stress when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia. One major concern is how to provide the best quality of life as the condition progresses.  This is where palliative care plays a role in your loved one’s care plan. The goal of palliative care is to … Read more

What Are the Signs of Grief in a Child?

Mom comforts young daughter after death of a loved one

The loss of a loved one is a difficult experience no matter how old you are. Children, in particular, face a unique set of challenges when coping with grief.  The reality is, kids grieve differently than adults. They may show little or no emotion when they first learn about the death, only to suddenly have … Read more

Caring for Someone with Dementia

Adult daugher with her father who has dementia

If you are caring for a loved who has dementia, you are far from alone. Around the world, someone is diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds. More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, including 400,000 Texans. New cases are expected to grow significantly by 2050. Dementia is a progressive condition that worsens … Read more

How Can You Help Someone Who Is Grieving?

Grieving woman consoled by a friend

How can I help? What should I say? When someone you know loses a loved one, you want nothing more than to show you care. But all too often the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing leads to doing nothing at all. The coronavirus pandemic has also presented new challenges for coping with … Read more

Great Summer Activities for Seniors

Senior woman planting flowers in her garden

Longer days and warmer weather mean plenty of opportunities for fun, healthy activities, both outside and indoors. Even for those who need to continue social distancing to reduce the risk of COVID-19, there are many ways to have a safe and enjoyable summer.  Here are just a few excellent summer activities for seniors that support … Read more

Paying for Hospice Care: Understanding Your Options

Elderly female hospice patient with caregiver

When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it can be an emotional and stressful time.  Hospice care focuses on keeping patients comfortable and providing a better quality of life in their final days. It can also be a valuable resource for family members, helping with caregiving and providing bereavement support after a … Read more

Respite Care Offers a Helping Hand to Caregivers

Respite Care Offers a Helping Hand to Caregivers 1

Taking care of a loved one in their time of need is a selfless act of devotion.  But it’s hard to give them your best if you’re always feeling exhausted.  Caregiver burnout is a very real experience that happens to lots of folks when a family member has a long-term illness. You may find yourself … Read more

Celebrating Holidays with Loved Ones in Hospice Care

Caregiver and elderly hospice patient holding hands in front of Christmas tree

Celebrating Holidays with Loved Ones in Hospice Care The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and hope for the year to come. But for many people, it’s also a painful time. That’s especially true if a loved one has a terminal illness. Cheerful celebrations may intensify feelings of anticipatory grief, as … Read more

How Can I Afford Hospice Care?

How Can I Afford Hospice Care? 3

When its time for your loved one to begin transitioning into a hospice care environment, it can be hard to imagine paying for all of the costs. Hospice care is a wonderful option to receive assistance in providing rest and necessary services for your loved one’s last moments of life. But all that help does … Read more