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Great Summer Activities for Seniors

Longer days and warmer weather mean plenty of opportunities for fun, healthy activities, both outside and indoors.

Even for those who need to continue social distancing to reduce the risk of COVID-19, there are many ways to have a safe and enjoyable summer. 

Here are just a few excellent summer activities for seniors that support physical well-being, cognitive functioning and social interaction, both in-person and online.

Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Spending time outside has many benefits for older adults, including better physical and mental health

There are lots of wonderful outdoor activities you can enjoy independently, if you are able, or with loved ones who live with you. To reduce the risk of COVID-19, wear a mask and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet when others are present.

Want an easy way to spend time in nature while getting some exercise? Go for a walk at a local park or trail! If you’ve been sedentary for a while, start slowly and gradually work up to longer walks. Paved, flat surfaces are best for those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. 

Prepare a few sandwiches, fresh fruits and a light dessert for a tasty picnic in the park — or in your own back yard! 

Take a dip in the pool if you’re looking for a refreshing, invigorating activity that’s also easy on your joints. Swimming is especially beneficial for those with arthritis. Get energized with a few laps or have some fun by participating in water aerobics. 

Get your green thumb on by spending some time in the garden. Whether you prefer flowers, herbs or veggies, gardening is a wonderful light exercise that can be done at one’s own pace. 

Take your furry friend on a walk for a little companionship while moving around. If you don’t have a pet, there are other ways to spend quality time with animals. Take along a pair of binoculars to watch for birds and other wildlife when you’re outside. 

Indoor Activities for Seniors

If you need to spend more time inside due to virus concerns or bad weather, that’s okay! There are plenty of fun and relaxing activities you can still enjoy.

For starters, you can get moving even when you can’t go outside. Go online to find yoga, cardio, dancing and other invigorating workouts on YouTube. If you have limited mobility, there are many excellent seated exercise videos available to give you an energy boost. 

Board games offer social interaction and mental stimulation for all ages. They support long-term cognitive health for older folks and brain development in children. That makes them the perfect activity to share with your grandkids. Can’t play together in person? No problem! Go online to play chess, Monopoly, classic card games, and other favorites with friends and loved ones who are in a different location.

Summer is also a great time of year to delve into a good book. Reading is an excellent activity for seniors — it enhances your memory and problem solving ability and cuts down on stress. Want to make friends while you read? There are many online book clubs that let you interact with others safely while discovering new literature.


Even with ongoing concerns about COVID-19, we strongly encourage seniors to engage in safe, healthy and fun activities during the summer months.

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