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Texas Hospice Care is all about living. Hospice neither speeds up or slows down death. Rather, it focuses on life, dignity, and providing the highest quality of living possible. Texas Hospice Care

What is Provided by Hospice?

Our diverse team of professionals from a variety of fields will be helping and caring for your loved one. Our team consists of physicians, nurses, social workers, certified home health aides, clergy, therapists, and volunteers. We ensure that your loved one is cared for by someone equipped and trained in the area they are administering care. In addition to the care of our professional team, hospice will help in providing the different medicines, tools, and hospital services associated with any life-limiting illness. We know that everyone seeking hospice care is different, that’s why in addition to these services, we will also work with you to help provide the unique service and care that your loved one needs thrive, and enjoy their time at Texas Hospice Care.


Who Provides Hospice Care?

At Texas Hospice Care, our team of professionals along with the patient’s physician will work with the patient and family in order to come up with a specialized course of action to meet the desires of the patient and manage the symptoms of illness. When you trust Texas Hospice Care with the wellbeing of your loved one, you can rest assured that they will be receiving the best level of hospice care available.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is different from curative care. The goal of palliative care is to enhance the quality of living for both patients as well as their families that are dealing with issues associated with a life-threatening illness. At Texas Hospice Care, our aim is to provide palliative care that will help and comfort our patients physically, spiritually, and mentally. The goal of this care is to neither speed up or slow down the process of death, but rather to provide your loved one with a support structure to live as fully as possible until the time of death. We also work to provide care for grieving family members, to help them process this difficult time.

When should Hospice be Started?

It is the legal right of the patient to decide whether or not they want hospice care. Deciding to move from a treatment phase to a comfort phase can be a very hard decision for both the patient as well as their family. However, any point during a patient’s illness is an appropriate time to begin looking at the different options that are available. As you and your loved one process these decisions, our team at Texas Hospice Care is here to provide you with all of the information and comfort that you need in order to make an informed and well thought out decision.

Should I Wait for our Physician to Suggest Hospice Care?

Anyone is able to make the call to Texas Hospice Care for services. This includes patients, family members and loved one, church clergy, close friends or a healthcare provider. We believe the patient, as well as family, should feel more than welcome to discuss all aspects of hospice care with their physician, professional healthcare provider, and all those who are close them. If for any reason the patient’s physician has not yet made a referral to hospice, our Texas Hospice Care team can call their physician to get permission for admittance.

Can Someone Who Lives Alone Receive Hospice Care?

Yes. This is acceptable as long as we are certain that the patient is completely safe. Our staff at Texas Hospice Care is able to work with patients to come up with a plan for the next steps when it has been determined that it is not in the interest of the patient’s safety for them to reside alone any longer. We are able to provide this wonderful option in thanks to our dedicated team of nurses and physicians. They will work along with you and help you decide what services might be necessary, and how frequently the hospice team should visit. We are able to provide visits as often as they are needed. This option can be one of the best ways of providing the comfort and freedom that your loved one desires at the end of life.

Are all Hospices the same?

They most certainly are not. Even though all hospices might focus on caring for life-limiting illnesses, not all of them will provide the same level of detailed and quality care. Unfortunately, often times hospices are a part of large, profit-driven healthcare systems. Because of this, they can often be lacking in the quality of care that most families desire for their loved ones.

Why Crown Hospice?

First of all, Texas Hospice Care is a completely independent, community-driven healthcare provider. This means that your loved one will receive the type of diligent and focus care that they need that you often won’t find in most hospices.

We provide a special and focused method for caring for patients that are facing difficult choices. We are a medically directed and influenced program. We will provide care that will alleviate the chronic pain and suffering associated with life-threatening illness. Not only will your loved one receive physical care, but they’ll also be able to form strong social connections and relationships with those around them. The several decades of combined experience that our team at Texas Hospice Care brings to the table, will help seamlessly facilitate and support the needs of your loved one.

Our number one goal is that we bring professional and quality care to everyone in need regardless of their religion, race, creed, or ability to afford the care. We are dedicated to giving care that lets people maintain their dignity. We strive to provide the highest quality of physical comfort, and meet the needs the spiritual and supportive needs of both patients as well as family members. Texas Hospice Care is wholeheartedly devoted to providing the excellent care that your loved ones deserve.



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