Understanding Hospice Care
Cost & Eligibility

How much does hospice care cost and is it covered by insurance?

Hospice is a Medicare and Medicaid benefit and is 100% reimbursed by those programs. Private insurance policies usually have a Hospice benefit to cover the cost of services. Additionally, donations are always appreciated to offset services for those who cannot afford them.

What does the hospice admission process involve?

The process begins with a phone call to hospice by the patient, family, friend, clergy, physician or other health care professional. The hospice admission coordinator will ask for general information, including permission to contact the patient’s personal physician to make sure the patient is eligible for hospice services. A time will be arranged for a hospice staff member to visit the patient and/or family to explain how hospice can help and what services may be needed. There will be some paperwork involved. Hospice will take care of the rest.

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