Bereavement Services

Recognizing the needs of those affected by life-threatening illness, Seasons Hospice provides ongoing bereavement follow-up to family members and friends of Seasons Hospice patients for 13 months following the patients’ death. Seasons Hospice also provides a bereavement support group to interested individuals in the community-at-large.

Seasons Hospice Bereavement Services Include:

  • 13 month bereavement benefit for families.
  • Appropriate bereavement literature is mailed out during the 13 month period. ◦ Time-limited, one-on-one grief and loss support visits are provided by the chaplain and/or social worker for Seasons Hospice survivors as needed.
  • An annual memorial service for all family and friends who have lost loved ones.
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Bereavement Support Group

Seasons Hospice offers a bereavement support group for families and individuals who have experienced loss. Please call for dates and times of current groups, and for more information about Bereavement Support Services at Seasons Hospice or other resources in the community.

What do Seasons Hospice Bereavement Support Groups offer?

Bereavement support groups at Seasons Hospice offer ongoing support and information about grief, loss, and life adjustments. The bereavement support groups are designed for surviving family members and friends of Seasons Hospice patients. Individuals from the community may also attend.

Facilitated by trained, experienced staff, the bereavement support groups provide an opportunity to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings with others who are in similar situations.

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